Connection Test

Hello word and hello again, world!! J

This post is just kind of testing, one feature Ms.Word already given, poor me, I just knewn it few hours ago. Seems like I just look but not see (doh) J Okay, this is step by step how to make your Word connect into your own blog. Simple way, just follow the direction, actually. Be carefull with mistake I’ve just done because of looking and not seeing (again) haha J

1. Open your Ms.Word. File > New

2. Enter your blog URL. Just fill <Enter your blog URL here> below. Do not remove /xmlpc.php like I did before because of looking-seeing stuff 😛

3. Fill the entire blank field left. User Name and Password is same with those on your blog.

4. Ready to make a post without open your blog. Click publish to make it done J

As Manage Accounts exists in menu, you can add, remove and change your blog accounts. So let’s test!!!


2 thoughts on “Connection Test

  1. hihi.. sama2 ghee..
    iya nh jadi bisa ngeblog tp gak keliatan, krna dipikir ngetik2 di ms.word 😛
    dan kl image juga jadi ndak usah pake upload2nya si blog 😀

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