Memories To Remember (part 1)

Okay, here’s the memories to remember,happy-holiday edition :P. It’s been a very long time since november last year didn’t I fell what it’s called long happy holidays, wkwkwk.  Thanks God for 9 days of holidays, though truly mine doesn’t count that much. The stories begin, i split into four part since there a little bit diffrent of  purpose at each post and people get involved 😀

Part 1

I did extra work at my company, hehe. The idea came by offering. My consideration about deadline and resource got involved doing that work is not that much, thinking of 9 days is really long holiday for me 😛 and I wanted to learn something new, as my wish-list-to-do for holidays that I planned before  : learn something new, cook new recipe, reading books, watching movies and having trip to nice place, so I  decided to take that offering but just 3 days (saturday till monday), not more. Long holidays is only happens in ied moment, right? 😀

My extra work didn’t relate to my main job actually, but here is the thing I wanna tell you. I learn to use other’s shoes so that I could feel what she/he feel, in what point was the pain point so that my partner and I  could help people work as painless as possible in the right process 😀

I remembered what actually what my Savior did. He took the fall, and thought of you and me. He felt what man felt, even worse, crucified at the cross, for what? For saving sinner, you and me from the death. And I think about the important one, He came so that when we feel sad, happy, having big load, betrayed, sick, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc, He could understand. He hasn’t been like king that live in comfortable palace that may be even not having experience/knowledge about being the man in the street.  The other way,  He ever been there, once again even worse.

Use other's shoes

3 days, felt tired but grateful 🙂 Gain learning new things and the incentive that exactly enough for my trip at Kepulauan Seribu.. I’m gonna tell you later, in part 3. See you.. haha 😀


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