Memories To Remember (part 2)

Part 2

Many things changed after college’s life. Being a worker, part of social or community, you would meet and relate many people in different range of age, younger, same age, five years older, ten years, double or even triple of your age. And this life has been came pass me through the days J

Last 30 Agust was Ied Day. Warung, a place where people buy foods for lunch or dinner, closed indeed. Since food’s stock was very limited, my friend and I thought about doing some visit for lunch, and finally we got offering from Ko Lius and Ci Lisa, hehe J They’re both teacher. First we met at church. Ci Lisa has been pregnant for seven months, so she has kind of different habits like normal people feel. I asked many question about being mom, actually 😛

After we had a lunch and we spent time talking many things. Many things like habits, books, church, hobbies, campus and working life, plan-for- future’s-life-gonna-be, investment, place for buy something in Karawaci, etc. Grateful for that. This is called share life, isn’t it?

Then I realized, the community nearby (church, company, fellowship, etc) seems to be like family to me. I mean, now you can see someone pregnant, and then several months later you can see their babies, and several years later, their babies will grow up, exactly what you can see at your family. You meet single person, and later she/he getting married and start to have their own family. You meet someone who has been having kids, just one, two or three, you know their kids and suddenly several months or years later you will say, “wow, you are so growing up now”, etc . Knowing them lead you knowing their families, right? 😀

I’m so thankful for the people around me, feels like home everywhere J Home that teaches me how to share life with others, home that teaches me about not being  selfish, home that teaches me about long-life-learning-process, home that teaches me to keep holding on each other’s hand, esp my big God’s Hand who never fail for holding me. He, no matter what happened, is the faithful one.

Million thanks J


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