Memories To Remember (part 3)

Having long holiday made you as a worker wanna spend it with your fam and your best friends, right?  But, have you ever thought spending and enjoying your holiday with your friend and your sister/brother at the same time? I’ve never been ’til last holiday my friend and  I accidently did it 😛

Okay, let me say this trip as ‘Sisterhood at Kepulauan Seribu Trip‘ since we were all female  and 8 fom 10 of the member is a real sisterhood 😛   We (Ka Uchie, Ka Sri and I) as tour organizer did ask our male friend wheter they were going to join us, but for one or some reasons they’re all couldn’t. Furthermore, as a wise said: “no man no cry”  wkwkwkwk 😛

Began the trip form Muara Angke in the morning at 7 am, and we arrived at Pramuka Island at 9.30 am. Check in at 11 am, having lunch (i really love their the spicy sauce and fried fish, maknyuuus) and ‘Jelajah Pulau’  with snorkling as the main thing started at 1 pm guided by Pak Yono. We fisrt went to Semak Daun Island learning what we called snorkling. We spent let say about 20 minutes here and we were brought to the middle of the sea. It’s amazing that you can see the living on the water. How great Thou art :-bd

Next Island is Pulau Air. Since the owner of this Island were there, we just played in the side of this Island. We just swam and took many pictures 😛 And the plus thing was, we were going back for snorkling. The view was great… so beautiful, more than the first one. Our God is an awesome God. I praised Him for such great and wonderful art that man can’t create.

We played till we forgot the time, haha. Happily could enjoy sunset on boat. I love sunset 🙂 Feels like you are told that work day is up and you can enjoy the rest day. I also have one thinking that the other side of this world, people wait for sun rise. We shouldn’t be selfish to keep the sun shining just for ourselves, hehe 😛

On the night, we had dinner (BBQ, actually, but since we’re late going homestay, thankfully Pak Herman, our tour guide, roasted for us and set up beautiful place for dinner) . Roasted fish. Love it and i was full. Then we went to Restaurant Terapung seeing Penangkaran Hiu ( Shark ….. poor me i don’t know penangkaran in english.. somebody help me, gyaaaaa 😀 )

I woke up so early in the morning, unproposely coz i felt hot and our bed was very limitted space. It’s 4 am -_________-“” Since I couldn’t fall to sleep again, I took a bath, and wait for sun rise, the moment i rarely had in my life, wkwkwkwkwk… you-know-why-xoxoxoxoxo :))

I love beach so much. I love walking on the sand without sandals, just to make footprints. As this blog’s tagline ‘jejak-jejak kaki kecil’, i wish my footprints is telling others what a wonderful relationship i have with my Savior, my Shepherd of my soul. That footprints is not mine, but  God’s path/will in me 🙂

After took a fresh air and picts, we had a breakfast and next place was Penangkaran Penyu (Turtle). We met Pak Salim. He explained a lot bout Penyu. He is a good person doing what his heart wanted to do with passion and caring. Then we took pict (*always anywhere anytime 😛 ).   I was really satisfied closing that trip with Banana Boat before we went back into reality and had a lunch, of course 😛

What a great trip we had, there’s so much to be thankful for. Miss them already, haha 😀 One thing I suggest you, don’t ever think that you have to choose between sister/brother or friend/girlfriend/boyfriend. You can enjoy the moment together, coz our time esp holiday is limitted and can’t be repeated 😀

Feel free to contact me if you want some information, contact person, etc 🙂 All this great trip  (Muara Angke-Pramuka Island-Muara Angke, 2  lunch,1, dinner/BBQ, 1 breakfast, homestay one day one night, Jelajah Pulau, Snorkling ) costs  Rp. 300k (exclude Banana Boat which costs Rp.30k) hehe…

Goodbye Pramuka Island, Pak Herman, Pak Yono, and all the citizen. See ya next time . And next trip goes to Karimun Jawa. *cross-finger* 😉


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