When did the last time you do real jump?

When did the last time you do real jump? I mean you are really jumping not because of taking the picture but you mean it.

beach bayah


tcp hmif


if'06 girls only


power ranger


Sauu @ kota tua


kamp kelompok kecil


Sauu @villa bunga




Recently i’m just googling about jump and meet the phrase “jump first, fear later”  from  this nice one:

Nothing is ever going to be presented to you on a golden platter. You need to work, and take chances. You need to strive for what you want. You need to get up and try…

…, the first step you are too scared to make, you need to do it.
Go ahead and jump.
The fall is going to be scary, but once you land, you’ll find it was well worth the butterflies. Even if it doesn’t work out, you know for next time. Always strive to learn and become a better person. Always remember who you are, never forget to take that first step.

So, when did the last time you do real ‘jump’? 😀


4 thoughts on “When did the last time you do real jump?

  1. haha, pas banget aku baru aja melakukan the biggest jump of my life (so far). masalahnya, ga tau bakal landing di mana (bahkan ga tau bakal landing apa enggak :))), wish me luck. 😀

  2. sukaaa quotesnya. 🙂 makasih mel buat semangatnyaaa. doakan ya mel, aq sedang gelisah banget mikirin topik riset. udah dinantikan sama profku, tapi rasa-rasanya kok ndak kebayang. T____T

    • siiip…
      coba keluarkan smua ide2 di kepala ke secarik kertas nes..
      kali aja bisa lebih kebayang..

      aku (kadar visualnya lumayan tinggi) sering lebih berkreativitas ketika sudah coret sana sini 😀
      hohooo… “pernah bisa, pasti bisa!!” 😀

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