2011 Reading Challenge

In the middle of this year, I got my self in 2011 Reading Challenge. Since my bad habit is reading many books and get another ones without even finish the current, I set 20 books on my challenge. Well, it need hard work actually. I didn’t have much time to do many things, i thought.

By the second week of this month, the last month of this year, there were six books to meet my challenge. Gyaaaaa… Am I going through this challenge? I ever asked that 😛  But honestly i was really want to win this, hehe. It could be a good start for my next year project and then suddenly something came up to my mind. Hey, you!!! You’re the only one that can pick the answer. Yes or no, depends on you.

And now, there’re four days left and one book left. This challenge teaches me more than I could imagine in the very beginning. Thanks, Goodreads, you’re my book manager, good manager 😀


Great work, you’re on track!“, this is such a good motivation to finish it well. Wish me luck 😉


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