One Moment (not just) Celebration

wake up, get surprised, gift, get congratulation, working, having class, celebration, get surprised (again), cake, wish, meeting, fellowship, gathering, calebration (again), get surprised (again and again), cake (again), wish (again), prayer, grateful.

People keep saying happy birthday and feel happy for those who celebrates the day. For me that moment not just celebration, it was.. and always be a moment to be grateful for who i am. Such a bless and amazing grace for having a great wonderful God, beloved family, and beloved friends.

Thanks for all the love given to me 🙂


6 thoughts on “One Moment (not just) Celebration

  1. Happy one month belated birthday , sudah lama tidak blog walking akhirnya kesampaian hari ini, ternyata ketemu sesama pisces :). God bless Meliza and and may all the journey, laugh and wisdom written in this cute blog inspire many people more each day

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