I <3 Jogja


My first photo taken by instagram, hehe 😀 #norak.
The picture is about my sandal, bought in Malioboro, Jogjakarta. I forgot to bring casual sandal :p Oh ya, at that time, my bestfriends, my boyfriend and I were running away for short holiday. It was a nice backpacking impulsive trip, actually 😀

All what i’m going to say is, Jogjakarta and the city nearby is seriously great place to be spent at a holiday. Culinary-lover, checked, views or panorama-lover, checked, culture-lover, checked, history-lover, checked, aaand many more you can find.

Hope someday i can spend more days up there. I love jogja like what it’s written.
Nite all.. It’s time to bed.


7 thoughts on “I <3 Jogja

  1. hahahaa.. kok bisa mel jadi nasi sliwer? wkwkwk. apa karena makannya sambil bersliweran? :p
    ayo ayo ayooo kapan kita main bersama lagiiiiii !

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