New Eyesglasses

Today is my first day wearing a glasses. Everything looks brighter. I could read the slides or writings presented on meeting which is i used not to. Well, there’s one thing that i realize, wearing glasses could seriously change your looking, though it depends on the people’s mind. Just like my boss, my friends an my sister said about my looking differently. See 😀

Mature, feminim, trendy, blablabla, and as a newbie i felt like such a boundary around my eyes.  When my boss asked me why i bought this kind of model, i simply answered that  i decided not to choose the formal one, to be honest :p He just laughed, hehe..

Hopefully my eyes get better with the new glasses. I got 1.25 minus on the left and 1.00 on the right. The good news is nowadays you can exercise your eyes wearing ‘terapi’ glasses. My sister ‘minus’ have been reduced 0.25 just for several days. Wow. You can search on youtube how the glasses work.


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