Upgrade Domain in WordPress

Today, i’ve just requested to upgrade my domain from meliza766hi.wordpress.com to meliza766hi.com 🙂 I love the when it became automatically redirect to the new one even i typed the former. 

The cost is totally $26 ($13 for change domain, $5 for register domain, and $8 keep the account information be private). For the detail, you can read the information here.

Keep bloging 🙂 Yeayy..



2 thoughts on “Upgrade Domain in WordPress

  1. mel pertimbangannya upgrade apa mel?
    bakal bikin pages sendirikah?
    aku pengen upgrade tapi belum convinced enough ni, karena ga yakin bakal rajin ngutak-ngatik sendiri. xDDD
    mau dong plus-minusnya mel 🙂

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