Memories To Remember (part 3)

Having long holiday made you as a worker wanna spend it with your fam and your best friends, right?  But, have you ever thought spending and enjoying your holiday with your friend and your sister/brother at the same time? I’ve never been ’til last holiday my friend and  I accidently did it 😛

Okay, let me say this trip as ‘Sisterhood at Kepulauan Seribu Trip‘ since we were all female  and 8 fom 10 of the member is a real sisterhood 😛   We (Ka Uchie, Ka Sri and I) as tour organizer did ask our male friend wheter they were going to join us, but for one or some reasons they’re all couldn’t. Furthermore, as a wise said: “no man no cry”  wkwkwkwk 😛

Began the trip form Muara Angke in the morning at 7 am, and we arrived at Pramuka Island at 9.30 am. Check in at 11 am, having lunch (i really love their the spicy sauce and fried fish, maknyuuus) and ‘Jelajah Pulau’  with snorkling as the main thing started at 1 pm guided by Pak Yono. We fisrt went to Semak Daun Island learning what we called snorkling. We spent let say about 20 minutes here and we were brought to the middle of the sea. It’s amazing that you can see the living on the water. How great Thou art :-bd

Next Island is Pulau Air. Since the owner of this Island were there, we just played in the side of this Island. We just swam and took many pictures 😛 And the plus thing was, we were going back for snorkling. The view was great… so beautiful, more than the first one. Our God is an awesome God. I praised Him for such great and wonderful art that man can’t create.

We played till we forgot the time, haha. Happily could enjoy sunset on boat. I love sunset 🙂 Feels like you are told that work day is up and you can enjoy the rest day. I also have one thinking that the other side of this world, people wait for sun rise. We shouldn’t be selfish to keep the sun shining just for ourselves, hehe 😛

On the night, we had dinner (BBQ, actually, but since we’re late going homestay, thankfully Pak Herman, our tour guide, roasted for us and set up beautiful place for dinner) . Roasted fish. Love it and i was full. Then we went to Restaurant Terapung seeing Penangkaran Hiu ( Shark ….. poor me i don’t know penangkaran in english.. somebody help me, gyaaaaa 😀 )

I woke up so early in the morning, unproposely coz i felt hot and our bed was very limitted space. It’s 4 am -_________-“” Since I couldn’t fall to sleep again, I took a bath, and wait for sun rise, the moment i rarely had in my life, wkwkwkwkwk… you-know-why-xoxoxoxoxo :))

I love beach so much. I love walking on the sand without sandals, just to make footprints. As this blog’s tagline ‘jejak-jejak kaki kecil’, i wish my footprints is telling others what a wonderful relationship i have with my Savior, my Shepherd of my soul. That footprints is not mine, but  God’s path/will in me 🙂

After took a fresh air and picts, we had a breakfast and next place was Penangkaran Penyu (Turtle). We met Pak Salim. He explained a lot bout Penyu. He is a good person doing what his heart wanted to do with passion and caring. Then we took pict (*always anywhere anytime 😛 ).   I was really satisfied closing that trip with Banana Boat before we went back into reality and had a lunch, of course 😛

What a great trip we had, there’s so much to be thankful for. Miss them already, haha 😀 One thing I suggest you, don’t ever think that you have to choose between sister/brother or friend/girlfriend/boyfriend. You can enjoy the moment together, coz our time esp holiday is limitted and can’t be repeated 😀

Feel free to contact me if you want some information, contact person, etc 🙂 All this great trip  (Muara Angke-Pramuka Island-Muara Angke, 2  lunch,1, dinner/BBQ, 1 breakfast, homestay one day one night, Jelajah Pulau, Snorkling ) costs  Rp. 300k (exclude Banana Boat which costs Rp.30k) hehe…

Goodbye Pramuka Island, Pak Herman, Pak Yono, and all the citizen. See ya next time . And next trip goes to Karimun Jawa. *cross-finger* 😉


Memories To Remember (part 2)

Part 2

Many things changed after college’s life. Being a worker, part of social or community, you would meet and relate many people in different range of age, younger, same age, five years older, ten years, double or even triple of your age. And this life has been came pass me through the days J

Last 30 Agust was Ied Day. Warung, a place where people buy foods for lunch or dinner, closed indeed. Since food’s stock was very limited, my friend and I thought about doing some visit for lunch, and finally we got offering from Ko Lius and Ci Lisa, hehe J They’re both teacher. First we met at church. Ci Lisa has been pregnant for seven months, so she has kind of different habits like normal people feel. I asked many question about being mom, actually 😛

After we had a lunch and we spent time talking many things. Many things like habits, books, church, hobbies, campus and working life, plan-for- future’s-life-gonna-be, investment, place for buy something in Karawaci, etc. Grateful for that. This is called share life, isn’t it?

Then I realized, the community nearby (church, company, fellowship, etc) seems to be like family to me. I mean, now you can see someone pregnant, and then several months later you can see their babies, and several years later, their babies will grow up, exactly what you can see at your family. You meet single person, and later she/he getting married and start to have their own family. You meet someone who has been having kids, just one, two or three, you know their kids and suddenly several months or years later you will say, “wow, you are so growing up now”, etc . Knowing them lead you knowing their families, right? 😀

I’m so thankful for the people around me, feels like home everywhere J Home that teaches me how to share life with others, home that teaches me about not being  selfish, home that teaches me about long-life-learning-process, home that teaches me to keep holding on each other’s hand, esp my big God’s Hand who never fail for holding me. He, no matter what happened, is the faithful one.

Million thanks J

Memories To Remember (part 1)

Okay, here’s the memories to remember,happy-holiday edition :P. It’s been a very long time since november last year didn’t I fell what it’s called long happy holidays, wkwkwk.  Thanks God for 9 days of holidays, though truly mine doesn’t count that much. The stories begin, i split into four part since there a little bit diffrent of  purpose at each post and people get involved 😀

Part 1

I did extra work at my company, hehe. The idea came by offering. My consideration about deadline and resource got involved doing that work is not that much, thinking of 9 days is really long holiday for me 😛 and I wanted to learn something new, as my wish-list-to-do for holidays that I planned before  : learn something new, cook new recipe, reading books, watching movies and having trip to nice place, so I  decided to take that offering but just 3 days (saturday till monday), not more. Long holidays is only happens in ied moment, right? 😀

My extra work didn’t relate to my main job actually, but here is the thing I wanna tell you. I learn to use other’s shoes so that I could feel what she/he feel, in what point was the pain point so that my partner and I  could help people work as painless as possible in the right process 😀

I remembered what actually what my Savior did. He took the fall, and thought of you and me. He felt what man felt, even worse, crucified at the cross, for what? For saving sinner, you and me from the death. And I think about the important one, He came so that when we feel sad, happy, having big load, betrayed, sick, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc, He could understand. He hasn’t been like king that live in comfortable palace that may be even not having experience/knowledge about being the man in the street.  The other way,  He ever been there, once again even worse.

Use other's shoes

3 days, felt tired but grateful 🙂 Gain learning new things and the incentive that exactly enough for my trip at Kepulauan Seribu.. I’m gonna tell you later, in part 3. See you.. haha 😀


Puyeng2 berurusan ama MySQL… memutuskan diri untuk berhenti sejenak menghirup udara segar, kepikir daftar makanan yg hrs dicicipi dulu sebelum balik bandung, haha kayak nge-buat checklist aja.

1. Masakan mama..- home made-
   Hwahwa, lidah gw yang slama nih sudah termanjakan ama masakan manis ala sunda kembali mulai merasakan rasa ‘pedas’.
2. Mie kuah.
   dah lama gak makan mie kuah ‘acek goyang’ (julukan ama tukang masaknya, abis kalo lagi masak badannya gak pernah berhenti, pasti goyang2 mulu, hehe ;p , tapi rasa nya uenakkk bgt lho !)
3. Mie pangsit..
   lagi-lagi mie… jangan heran, gw doyan makan mie..
4. Mie goreng masakan mama ama mie goreng dekat rumah..
   jadi pengennn, mie nya enak banget, gw gak pernah nyicip in me seenak itu di bandung..
5. Bak Pau yang di jual di Jl. Wahidin
   (lagi2 kepengen) di sini bakpau nya gede, rasanya beda bgt ama yang dijual dehi bdg, makan satu aja dah kenyang.
6. Mie ‘ai belakang sekolah’ ama kantin sekolah
   haha, sebenarnya rasanya gak terlalu ‘wah’, tapi enak aja makan di tempat kenangan itu, hehe. Ai tuh bukan artificial intelegence lho, hehe, sebutan smacam bibi gitu lah.
7. Roti ‘ganda’ (nama tokonya ganda)
   gak tau kenapa bisa beda ama toko kue lainnya, rsanya emang bener2 beda, unik gt.
8. dll yang belum kepikir.. hehe..

Asik2 hari minggu mau jalan2.. 😀

Cerita Liburan ‘so far’

Beberapa hal mirip ama apa yang dialami seli, soal penambahan berat badan & menjawab pertanyaan yang paling males untuk dijawab, hehe :p
Kalo penambahan berat badan beda ama seli yang bisa langsung nimbang, hoho di rumah gak ada timbangan, akhirnya malah gak ke-control,harus ekstra olahraga nh (sekalian meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh yang menurun semenjak lulus TPB cz hampir gak pernah olahraga rutin lagi)

Satu lagi soal pacar, si penanya langsung nanya , pacar-mu skarang marga apa??
Dengan isengnya saya menjawab, “marga apalah kita buat?emang harus punya marga ya ??”.
haha.. bukannya nanya status dulu (baca:jomblo), malah to the point aja pake nanya marga segala, dah dijawab malah dikomentari ini dan itu, huihu..dengan pasrahnya saya mendengarkan… lagian kalo saya mikirnya kan gak harus bermarga, untung aja ortu sy membri kebebasan tentang yang satu ini, yah minimal gak perlu berdebat ama ortu.
Tapi nih kan pilihan saya, tapi tampaknya diri ini harus mulai membuka hati, membuang jauh ke-cuek-an dan trauma masa silam. Huh, jadi OOT.

Liburan so far, saya menggolongkan macem2 event di liburan ;

1. Yang paling nge-bete-in ; ebook yang pengen dipelajari ketinggalan, di cipinang atau di depok, huhu..jadinya cuma liat2 ebook dari CD ARC yang kemaren pas ngedaftar jadi cakru (tapi putus di tengah jalan).

2. Yang paling malu-maluin ;
Gara2 tarif telkomnet rada mahal, lebih hemat di warnet, ditambah lagi masalah ama laptopnya terkait wireless an, huhu =( , jadi butuh ke warnet saat itu juga cz dah janji mw ngirim surat2 gt lah. Biasanya di sini (baca:siantar), kalo mw pergi2 , nebeng mobil bokap, atau dianterin ama adek (makasih2 dah ngantar ke sana-sini). Kalo gak ada di rumah, kepaksa naek angkot..
Nah, sore itu adek saya lagi gak di rumah, saya gak tau di sini warnet yang terdekat dan lumayan cepat di mana,lalu saya sms,nah dia ngasi tau di KDS. Pas saya mau pergi, tiba2 supir mau pulang,haha…akhirnya saya nebeng ampe lokasi tadi.Pas dah nyampe, lho warnetnya mana? Koq gak ada?? Tanya ama orang yang ngeliat tampang bingung saya, lalu dia ngasi tau jalan dikit lagi, ntar keliatan tulisannya gede.
Setibanya di area dekat KDS, saya ngeliat ada warnet tapi namanya bukan KDS, lalu saya mikir, ah.. bukan ini mungkin di depan sana..dan lanjut berjalan sampe beberpa toko dilewati dan saya melihat tulisan KDS yang gede (plus embel2 nya : Game and net centre for kid..kayaknya itu) di suatu bangunan. AKhirnya,(dalam hati) ketemu juga. Saya masuk ke bangunan tu. Bangunannya bertingkat dan dari jalan masuk keliatan ada tangga di depan. Tapi pas saya ngeliat dari depan ke lantai atas, lho koq di atas gak seterang yang di bawah ya? Di lantai dasar ada supermarket, saya mikir mungkin warnetnya di atas.. tapi gak berani langsung nyoba naik , lalu saya nanya ama cashier yang ada di situ

melz :(dengan pede nya) “mbak, warnetnya di lantai atas ya?”
mbak : (tampang bingung)”hah?? warnet?? di sini gak ada warnet”
melz : (dengan perasaan mulai gak enak) “ehm, bukannya nih KDS, katanya di sini ada warnet (saya tetap ngotot gara2 embel2 tulisan gede itu)”
mbak : “iya, tapi di sini gak ada warnet, kalo jalan ke bawah dikit lagi ada”
melz : (merasa kayak org bego)”oh (sambil senyum maksa), makasih”

Hwhuw.. saya keluar dengan perasaan malu, huh, ternyata warnet yang dimaksud adek saya warnet yang ketemu pertama kali.
Setelah saya cerita sambil tertawa ngakak ama adek saya, eh, malah ditertawa-in lagi..Akhirnya saya tau KDS tuh bukan nama warnet nya tapi nama area bangunan2 itu (ada salon, tempat makan, toko2, warnet, supermarket alias tempat saya nyasar).. malunya diri ini ama mbak2 cashier yang ada di situ, moga aja saya gak dibicarain seperginya dari tempat itu..

3. Yang paling mencemaskan dan membuat merasa bersalah;
Saat mama saya terpaksa harus diopname beberapa jam setelah terkena diare. Penyebabnya baru tau pas dah baikan, ternyata brownies amanda (yang di dago)yang saya bawa. Emang sih dari dulu, perut mama saya gak bisa makan sembarangan,sensitif bgt, kalo lain dikit aja (baca: kotor, m’andung bakteri) pasti deh kambuh diare nya. Tapi, saya dan bokap makan juga gak kenapa2.
Saya jadi nyesal bawa nya. Sempat ragu sih pas mw beli atau gak, gara2 sebelum ke siantar saya ke depok ama cipinang dulu. Pas tanya ama mbak nya katanya tahan lebih 2 hari kalo masukin kulkas. Exp date nya tgl 16, saya beli tgl 12 pg. Saya dah bilang mw dibawa ke medan tgl 17, tapi singgah ke depok ama cipinang dulu. Trus mbak nya bilang gak apa2 asal masuk kulkas. NAh, pas di depok & cipinang saya masukin kulkas, jadinya mikir tahan mpe tgl 18, ternyata………

4. Yang menyedihkan ;
saat di mana membuat ‘seseorang’ sedih, tapi hal ini malah membuat saya lebih menyadari..

Jika cinta biarkanlah aku jadi cinta,

Jika sayang biarkanlah aku jadi sayang

5. Yang membuat kepala pusing ;
Kalo versi denotasi : kebanyakan makan semangka + mentimun .
Ceritanya kedua buah ini berlebih saat ‘arisan marga’ di rumah usai. Berhubung saya darah rendah yang sebenarnya anti ama kedua buah ini cz dapat nurun-in tekanan darah. Awalnya nyicip2 dikit, tapi gak terasa malah dh makan banyak…Esoknya langsung deh, kepala pusing, badan lemes2..

Versi konotasi : saat nyoba2 ngoding, tapi koq error mulu ??

6. Yang membuat repot ; ARISAN , mau gak mau pasti bantu mama masak ama beresin rmah.

7. Yang ngesel-in , ada 2 nih;

1. sepatu digigit anjing tetangga… huhu =(

2. udah ujan, gak ada ojek, becek..(emang cinta laura??) gak ding..
udah mati listrik, laptop & hp abis batere,apalagi kalo malem,bete..

8. Yang paling buat malas ;
Moody nya kambuh, bawaan nya malas, gk niat ngapa2in.

9. Yang gemes-in
Nonton sinetron Cerita SMA… bukan liat ceritanya, tapi ama aktor cilik bernama Baim, beneran tuh anak bijak bgt dan gemes-in pengen nyubit.

10. Yang sangat disayangkan: Harga tiket makin mahal padahal blum nyampe sehari.
Tgl 7 juli sore mama nanya hrga tiket ke travel (sekalian lewat), ***-**** medan-jkt 690rb utk tgl 29 juli, setelah seblumnya teman adek saya beli on-line 680rb tgl 24 jul. Nah, pas di rumah, saya langsung bilang ke mama, “Ma, udah skrang aj beli nya, ntar naik lagi.”. Lalu mama saya bilang bsk aja, kata mbak-nya hrga nya sama..Esok siangnya pergi ke travelnya, harganya dah naik jadi 725rb. Mama saya ternyata salah nangkep kata mbaknya, maksudnya mbaknya tuh hrga nya sama dari tgl 28-31.. Awalnya mw balik tgl 29 juli, itupun sbenarnya dah kelamaan, harusnya tgl 20 dah di bdg buat bantu2 kaderisasi IF’07(baca:SPARTA HMIF), tapi apa daya, orangtua gak ngizin-in, terlalu cepat katanya…
Setelah pembujukan akhirnya 29 juli, tapi pas di travel….

mama :(nanya lagi)”napa sih tgl 29, agustus aja ya ?”
melz : “tgl 29 aja lah”
mama : “napa sih buru2, mau ngapain emang? tgl brapa ngurus2 kuliah”
melz : “mulai daftar ol tgl 4 ”
mama : “ya udah, tgl 5 aja baliknya”
melz : “29 aj ma, ada kepanitiaan nih”
mama : (gara2 liat tgl 30 tanggal merah)” tgl 31 ajalah, ngapain tuh tgl 30 kan libur”
melz : “loh, bukannya emang liburan”
mama : “iya, pasti kpanitiaan2 nya libur jg kan”
melz : “gak tau, tapi gak enak nih kelamaan”
mama : (dengan senjata pamungkas ,sehingga saya gak bisa mengelak lagi) “udahlah, biar makin lama di sini, ntar kalo dah pulang gak bisa ngeliat dirimu lagi”.
melz : (sedikit terharu)” ya udah gpp tgl 31″

Maap2 buat HMIF, buat panitia SPARTA, saya nyusul yak.