didn’t have “some”-thing in common

Sometimes what it is written in text book or taught in school/college, didn’t have “some”-thing in common accordingly what it is in real life. These ones make me prefer to be or as pratical than academical person, hehe 😀 Sorry, but to be honest, may be we have diffrent things of thoughts. Practitioner should more often give some lessons to students in school/college related to their own experience. I think this way is better than what it’s written in text book which is commonly theoritical-based or academic-based as in usual way it’s a boring books, wew.  The teacher and writter should challenge theirselves as an extraordinary person which think out of the box so that your student or the reader of your book really got deep understanding of the value  you’ve teached or you’ve written 😉

Little example which is related to book i’m currently reading ( In the Company of Giants). School thaught me to be entrepreneur and the way to be that one in let say way A. Well, after I read this book, seems like i have the other point of view,  it turned 180 degree.  I’ll catch you up on the review of this book, later. Just let me finish read this book wholely. I’m currently  at page 179 of 232 😛